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Congratulations Miona Geriatric & Dementia Center!!!!

Miona's CMS inspection of March 2018 indicated ZERO deficiencies. Miona's previous 4 inspections also was "deficiency free". Miona's three consecutive deficiency free surveys make Miona Geriatric & Dementia Center one of the most compliant facilities in Georgia. Miona's commitment to compliance and quality of care makes such exceptional inspection results possible. Our Dietary Department and sanitation procedures are routinely inspected by the Georgia Public Health Department. Five of the last six inspection reports indicate the facility received 100% or a perfect score during the inspection. Miona is also proud to have been awarded a CMS "Five Star' rating.

The Oaks Personal Care Adds Four Rooms​ and a Perfect Inspection!!!!

The Oaks Personal Care Home recently added four additional licensed beds. These additional rooms addressed the demand for private personal care home beds at this facility. Also, on August 2018 the facility was inspected by the Healthcare Facility Regulation Division of the Georgia Department of Community Health and was determined to have zero deficiencies. Three of its last four surveys were "Deficiency Free". Congratulations to the staff for their excellent compliance record.

Congratulations to     The Oaks Nursing Home!!!!

Only a few nursing homes in Georgia will obtain "deficiency free" status each year.​ The Oaks has had eight such inspections with no healthcare related deficiencies over the past dozen years, with the most recent occuring in January of 2019. Quality of care and 100% compliance is not the exception, but the rule at this WindCorp managed facility. The Oaks Dietary department is also inspected routinely by representatives of the Public Health Department and received a 100%, or a perfect score, on its most recent inspection on January 2019. This score complements eight perfect scores in the last ten inspections. Also, The Oaks has been awarded the "Excellence in Action" workforce satisfaction award. The Oaks is also proud to have been awarded a CMS "Five Star' rating.

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