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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to general questions you might have about WindCorp Management Services, and what we can offer. We encourage you to visit our Contact page and send us any other questions you may have.


What is the "No Obligation" Consultation?

Upon contact, WindCorp representatives will be available to meet at your facility within 24 hours to personally discuss the goals you have for your facility.  Based on the information discussed at this initial meeting, WindCorp will provide information as to suggested services WindCorp can provide and the associated cost.  This confidential consultation does not obligate the owner/operator to any agreement with WindCorp and is provided free of charge.


Why should I use WindCorp Management Services?

WindCorp is focused on long term care facility management. We do not attempt to sell you ancillary services or products from our related entities, or compete in your service area with other services such as home health, hospice, or rehabilitation. We are your experts in managing your facility concerns and obtaining the goals you have for your facility. We work within your existing vendor list and with your existing professional associations if so desired. In short, we strive to be your partners, not your competition.


Is WindCorp right for My Business?


WindCorp has been an independent operator in the long term care profession for over 50 years. Our expertise is providing quality services to the residents of skilled, personal care, and assisted living facilities. WindCorp is committed to assisting the independent, hospital based, or small chain organizations in reaching exceptional resident care, compliance, and profitability goals. WindCorp also recognizes that many independent operators do not wish to relinquish all their operational control in order to obtain these goals. That is why WindCorp approaches the facility operator's needs with a variety of options as a partner or consultant, which is different than what is often offered by other management companies.


What is the costs of your services?

Each facility is different in size and scope of operations. This is the reason that WindCorp does not price our services prior to an initial consultation and review of the business's expressed needs.  However, our charges can be based on hourly rates, percentages of revenues, or the performance of the facility.


Would WindCorp Partner, Lease, or Purchase a Facility?

We are interested in any way we can benefit you as a business owner, whether that be an acquisition, lease, partnerships, or contract for services.

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